eQSO for GMRS and Ham radio.




eQSO can be downloaded from this page.


EQSO radio gateway.


EQSO server software.


EQSO admin software.



The eQso VOIP software no longer has a system explorer.

This means that you must know the server name, the port number and the room name.

By adding these parameters you can access the kc4qlp.ddns.net server

server = kc4qlp.ddns.net

port number = 10027

room name = *KC4QLP-C*

room name = By typing a room name of your choice allows you to create your own conference

eQSO access information = This system is for Amateur radio use only and is restricted to licensed operators. Email us your call sign and a copy of your license and we will then email you the password that is required in order to access the network.

FRN Information = Our system is also online on the Free Radio Network. You must also email us at kc4qlp@midatlanticengineeringservice.com in order to gain access to that network. The server address and port number is: kc4qlp.ddns.net:10024
The software can be downloaded at:freeradionetwork.eu




This is the circuit I used for my comport keying.

There are many serial port interfaces out there, some homebrew and other quite expensive. We recommend the kit interfaces from ilinkboards.com for eQSO, FRN and Echolink

EQSO/FRN/Echolink radio gateway interface.





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